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Yellowstone Horseback Fishing Trips

Does not include pre & post-trip lodging, guide & camp staff gratuities, fishing licenses, or alcohol.
Fly Fishing
Day Trips

Ride Horseback Into Yellowstone's Backcountry to Fish Pristine Waters

Want to escape into the backcountry in the traditional Old West fashion? A trip with our licensed stock outfitters to access Yellowstone's wilderness waters is the way to go. Ride horseback into the isolated wilds of Yellowstone's backcountry, rarely traveled by others. Breathtaking scenery, wildlife viewing, excellent photography opportunities, and, of course, outstanding dry fly fishing for native cutthroat trout and other species await.

Species Diversity 

Three subspecies of cutthroat trout - Yellowstone, Snake River, and Westslope, along with grayling and whitefish are Yellowstone's native game fish species. Yellowstone is also home to the world's largest population of indigenous Yellowstone cutthroat trout. Other waters hold rainbows, cutbows, browns, brook trout, and lake trout. Stocking of non-native species was phased out in the 1950s, establishing wild and self-sustaining trout populations.
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Yellowstone Horseback Day Ride Fishing Destinations
During your Yellowstone Horseback Day Ride Fishing Trip, you will explore remote areas like the Black and Grand Canyons of the Yellowstone, Lamar River, Cache, Hellroaring, Pebble, and Slough Creeks, to name just a few.  

What to Expect
On the morning of your trip, your guide will meet you at your accommodations or other agreed-upon location. After ensuring everyone is prepared for the trip, you'll head to the trailhead. Drive times to the trailhead vary (30 minutes to over 2 hours), depending on your meeting location and trailhead destination.  
You'll meet your stock outfitter at the trailhead, where you will organize and pack your gear onto mules. After a brief orientation, you will saddle up and ride beautiful trails to your fishing destination. You should be prepared to spend up to two hours in the saddle each way and be in reasonable shape.  
Upon arriving at your backcountry destination, rods will be rigged to pursue wild trout. Later, take a break, relax, and enjoy a scenic backcountry lunch. Non-anglers may take a short day hike, read a book, photograph the wild grandeur, and search for wildlife. Guests can expect to spend several hours on the river and exploring the wilderness before riding back to the trailhead.  
To minimize drive times for Yellowstone trips, we suggest staying in Paradise Valley or gateway communities such as Gardiner or Cooke City. Drive times to Yellowstone Park destinations from Livingston or Bozeman can exceed two hours or longer with possible Park road delays. The combined driving and riding times make for a long day. When making evening plans around a Yellowstone trip, take this into consideration. We will always do our best to accommodate your requests; however, we recommend flexibility to ensure the best experience possible. 
What's Included
  • Riding & Packing Stock
  • Wranglers
  • Guide - 2 Anglers/Guide
  • Personal Instruction
  • Gourmet Lunches
  • Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • Transportation To and From the Fishing Destination 
  • Flies & Terminal Tackle
  • Rods & Reels, if needed

Not Included
  • Fishing Licenses
  • Guide & Wrangler Gratuities
  • Rental Waders & Boots (if needed)
  • Park Entrance Fees 
  • Alcoholic Beverages

Horseback Day Ride Fishing $795/Day/Person

2 Anglers/Guide
Payment Options  
Your non-refundable 50% deposit is required to finalize your reservation and is due within 10 days of booking your trip. We will invoice you by email, and upon receiving your invoice, you can choose to pay using the online ACH payment option. This option is a quick and convenient way to pay your trip deposit and finalize your reservation.   
Payment reminders will be emailed for open invoices with remaining balances due, which can be paid using the ACH option.   
Deposits and final payments can be paid with bank wire transfers, credit cards, or mailing checks payable to Greater Yellowstone Flyfishing Outfitters. A 3% convenience fee is assessed for all credit card transactions. Please contact us if you prefer cash or other payment forms.   
Greater Yellowstone Flyfishing Outfitters Payment Options  
  • ACH Online Payments – U.S. financial institutions and bank accounts only  
  • Personal & Business Checks* - U.S. financial institutions and bank accounts only  
  • Electronic Wire Payments - wiring fees are the responsibility of the client  
  • Credit Cards – 3% Convenience Fee applied  
  • Venmo or PayPal
  • Cash  
  • International Payments can be made via wire or with a credit card.  
*Clients will be billed all associated costs for returned checks. Clients will have 7 days to reimburse  Greater Yellowstone Flyfishing Outfitters for returned check costs and provide an alternative form of payment. If unresolved after 7 days, trip reservations will be canceled, and all deposits and payments will be forfeited.    

You should plan for cash gratuities for your fishing guides and wranglers on a Horseback Fishing Trip.   
Guides and wranglers work very hard to ensure an enjoyable trip, and we encourage you to tip accordingly. We suggest an appropriate gratuity from $125-$200/day/guide & wrangler, although an excellent day of fishing, a memorable event, or extra effort on the guide's or wrangler's behalf may deserve more. 

Please consider that guides and wranglers work harder when fishing is slow or during adverse weather. Cash gratuities should be given directly to your guide(s) and wrangler(s) daily or upon finishing multi-day trips.  
For multi-day group trips where guides and clients rotate, cash gratuities may be given directly to the trip leader at your trip's end and are distributed evenly among the guides. Should you wish to give a specific guide a bonus gratuity for something special, you may give it to that guide directly or to the trip leader with specific instructions. Alternatively, you may present each guide gratuities directly rather than pooling them, extending your gratitude upon departure.   

Many variables beyond our control, such as weather, wind, barometric pressure, water temperatures, and fish behavior, influence the day’s fishing. While fishing may highlight your trip, it's only a portion of many experiences to enjoy and appreciate on a guided Yellowstone Flyfishing Horseback Trip. Please align your expectations with the conditions and your abilities. No expectations, no disappointments!
Clients frequently invite guides for drinks or dinner after fishing. Socializing is a great way to celebrate the day's events, plan the next day, and connect. While guides always appreciate the client's generosity, buying drinks and dinner are not considered part of or in lieu of gratuities. Socializing extends a guide's long and physically demanding day. Time is required before and after each day's trip for preparing, organizing, and cleaning.   
Please let us know if you have any suggestions, comments, or concerns regarding your trip. 

Greater Yellowstone Flyfishing Outfitters 
Day Trip Policies 

When booking a trip with Greater Yellowstone Flyfishing Outfitters, you enter a professional relationship and agreement. Please read these terms and conditions carefully, as all terms are binding once a trip is booked. Receipt of deposit or final payment confirms that the client(s) has read and accepted the deposit, cancellation, refund, and responsibility clauses.  

Deposits & Final Payment
A 50% deposit is required within 10 days of booking to confirm all reservations. Deposits are non-refundable for cancellations made less than 61 days before a scheduled trip. The final balance is due 30 days before a scheduled trip and is non-refundable. 

All trip cancellations must be made in writing to Greater Yellowstone Flyfishing Outfitters as soon as possible. Payments are non-refundable for cancellations made 60 days or less before a scheduled trip. 

For cancellations 60 days or less, refunds or credit towards a future trip may be made if we rebook the specific dates and guide(s) with another party.   

Payments may be transferred to another guest for the originally booked dates if the customer provides a suitable replacement.  

For cancellations outside 60 days from the start of a scheduled trip, payments may be refunded or credited to another date within 12 months of the originally scheduled trip. Credits for future trips must be used within one year of the originally booked date. Credits unused after one year will be forfeited.   

No refunds or credits are made due to medical, family, or business emergencies or other unexpected events. 

Cancellations by your guide, mutual guide/client decision, unsafe weather or water conditions, or state or federal closures may be refunded in full or credit applied towards a future trip.  

In no event will Greater Yellowstone Flyfishing Outfitters issue refunds or credits or be responsible for any cancellation of services due to inclement weather, events of force majeure, acts of God, airline delays or issues, flight cancellations, missed connections or transfers, or any other reason beyond or our control. In case of canceled flights, airline delays or issues, missed connections or transfers, Greater Yellowstone Flyfishing Outfitters is not responsible for alternative travel arrangements, including flights, transfers, other transportation, hotels, meals, and any other expenses incurred.

Rescheduling a trip is considered canceling and subject to the same cancellation and refund policies.

Weather & Water Conditions 
Refunds or credits are not issued for fishing time lost due to inclement weather. Our trips go out in all safe weather and water conditions. Adverse weather, smoky atmospheric conditions, varying water levels, or undesirable fishing conditions are unacceptable reasons to cancel or receive a refund or credit. Besides, some of the best fishing occurs during adverse conditions. Weather in the Rockies is variable; watch the forecast in advance for the area you plan on fishing and pack accordingly. Read our Gear Lists for recommendations on appropriate clothing and gear.    

An alternative to the originally scheduled trip may be available in extreme or unsafe weather events (heavy rains, dangerous cold/snow, high winds), unfishable or unsafe river conditions, state or federal closures, or other uncontrollable circumstances. It is impossible to predict these conditions, which are beyond our control. We will do our best to work with you on a suitable alternative.   
We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance for these reasons. 
Hoot Owl Restrictions 
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, and Yellowstone National Park occasionally impose Hoot Owl Restrictions. These restrictions may apply when a combination of low water levels, warm water temperatures, and other factors occur for a pre-determined amount of time during the summer heat. Once this threshold is met, Hoot Owl Restrictions prohibit fishing from 2 pm to midnight. Restrictions remain in place until water conditions and other variables meet acceptable requirements. Hoot Owl Restrictions may occur when drought or low water years combine with extreme summer heat. Hoot Owl Restrictions may occur from late July to early September.

We do not cancel trips or offer refunds or credit due to Hoot Owl Restrictions. Clients may meet their guide early morning to maximize their time on the water. Clients who choose not to meet earlier can expect a shorter day. You may also choose to snack, eat lunch at 2 pm, or skip lunch to maximize your available fishing hours. After 2 pm, you may float without fishing while you kick back, relax, enjoy the scenery, and may stop to cool off with a refreshing swim. Alternatives may also be available to fish other waters without Hoot Owl Restrictions.

Even without Hoot Owl Restrictions, we may suggest a self-imposed restriction when waters reach critically high afternoon temperatures. Perhaps not fishing after 3 pm is the best responsible decision for the fishery’s health. Besides, being off the water earlier on scorching summer days is often preferable.   

Any client ill with COVID-19 may not participate in a guided trip with GYFO. Clients recently ill or exposed to COVID-19 (10 days or less) must meet all current CDC guidelines and test negative before participating in any trip with GYFO. COVID-19 illness, exposure, or restrictions are unacceptable reasons to cancel or receive a refund or credit.  
Should your guide(s) become ill or exposed to COVID-19 (within 10 days of the start of your trip), they must meet all current CDC requirements and must test negative before guiding any GYFO trip. If your guide(s) does not meet these requirements, we will do our best to find a healthy, alternative guide for your trip. If an alternative guide is not available, GYFO will issue a full refund or credit to be used within one year of the originally scheduled trip. Credits unused after one year of the originally scheduled trip will be forfeited.

Many of our guides are fully vaccinated. Should you require or prefer a fully vaccinated guide, please be sure to make your request upon booking your trip. Failure to request a vaccinated guide when booking a trip or giving sufficient notice requesting one is unacceptable to cancel a trip or receive a refund or credit.
GYFO guides follow current COVID-19 requirements issued by the CDC, federal, state, and local authorities. GYFO guides and clients may take precautions such as social distancing, mask-wearing, washing hands, and using hand sanitizer.

Other Contingencies 
Greater Yellowstone Flyfishing Outfitters and its guides reserve the right to change itineraries due to unfavorable conditions or other necessary reasons.  

We make no exceptions to our refund and cancellation policies due to our reliance on advanced bookings and operation in good faith. Much is invested in planning and preparing for your trip, securing permits and guides, and addressing other logistics well in advance. Guides have reserved dates well in advance and must be paid. 

Greater Yellowstone Flyfishing Outfitters 
Day Trip Refund & Cancellation Policies 
Number of Days Before Start of Trip 
Refund or Cancellation Fee 
Cancellation/Rescheduling 61 Days or More  
Full Refund 
Cancellation/Rescheduling 60 Days or Less 
Deposit Non-Refundable* 
Cancellation/Rescheduling 30 Days or Less 
Final Payment Non-Refundable* 
*Unless we rebook the date(s) and same guide(s) with another party.  

Trip Insurance
We realize these trips are expensive, and much is at stake financially. For this reason, we highly recommend that you purchase trip insurance in advance. Unforeseen circumstances arise, and travel insurance is very reasonable. We recommend Global Rescue Insurance or Travel Guard Travel Insurance to protect your financial investment, which may cover trip cancellations for any reason. For more information or to purchase trip insurance, visit Global Rescue or Travel Guard.

To receive complete coverage options and benefits, purchase travel insurance within 15 days of paying your deposit.
Medical Evacuation Insurance
We recommend Global Rescue’s worldwide medical evacuation and extraction services for illness, injuries, natural disasters, COVID-19, and other reasons. Due to the remote nature of many of our trips, potential challenges in receiving immediate professional medical help, and limited cell coverage, we highly recommend purchasing medical evacuation insurance along with your trip insurance.
For more information or to purchase trip insurance, please visit Global Rescue.
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