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Trip planning

Prep for adventure in the Greater Yellowstone Area
Ready to book your fly fishing vacation package in Montana, Wyoming, or Yellowstone National Park? Our large territory and wide selection of trips will ensure finding something ideally suited for you and your group of anglers. Have questions or need additional information? Contact us now and we’ll work to customize the perfect all-inclusive fly fishing vacation for you!


Fishing gear perched atop a river side boulder


The Spring can surprise you. During the Greater Yellowstone's period of rebirth, metabolisms increase and hatches begin. Swarms of mayfly, Baetis, and Caddis tempt hungry fish out of hiding—even older fish that you may not see in another season. You could catch your personal best this Spring. Ready to roll he dice?
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The Summer will never disappoint. The Greater Yellowstone area experiences regular hatches and fish that are starting to become complacent. Better yet, if you fish streams inaccessible during the Spring, you could encounter fish that have forgotten hooks all together. Fish constantly bountiful streams and relax under the summer sun.
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The Fall is underrated. Many people expect the rivers to be fished out during the fall, and they couldn't be more wrong. During the fall, fish will be gorging themselves on ever diminishing insect populations. That means your flies will begin to look more tempting than ever. Burn away your stress like morning fog under Autumn Sunbeams.

Fishing Licenses

Map of Montana

Montana Licenses

Wyoming Map

Wyoming Licenses

Map of Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Licenses

Gear List

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Overnight Floats

Complete gear list for overnight floats
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Pack Trips

Everything you need for your pack trip
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Fly Fishing Day Trips

Everything you need to prepare for your day on the water
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Day Hiking/Fishing

A lighter gear list for a quicker trip
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Day Horseback Riding & Fishing Trips

Fish like a real cattle hand on their days off

Montana Accommodations

Southwest Montana

This Is A Bozeman-Area Hotel
Ennis-Area Hotel

Northwest Montana

Missoula Accommodations

Eastern Montana

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Wyoming Accommodations

Yellowstone Country

Jackson, Wyoming Resort
Gardiner, MT Lodge Information

Greater Wyoming

Cody Hotel
Thermopolis Lodge

Current Conditions


Montana Snowpack
Wyoming Snowpack

Stream Flows

Montana Stream Flows
Wyoming Stream Flows


Current Weather Data

GYFO Commercial Permits


Montana Board of Outfitters License #5981
Madison River Special Recreation Permit #160



Yellowstone National Park Commercial Use Permit CUA13-143
The Bridger Mountains


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