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Lamar Watershed

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Can't decide between Montana and Wyoming? Fish The Lamar

The Lamar Watershed is a wonderful, blue-ribbon fishery filled section of the Yellowstone wilderness that straddles the border between Montana and Wyoming. The Lamar offers water of all kinds, from local getaways to remote locations that only the most experienced Yellowstone trout fishers try to conquer. Can't decide on the adventure you need? Contact us about fly fishing the Lamar today.
Fishing: 5 Stars
GYFO people: 5 Stars
Overall experience: All the Stars!!
Scott M.
Raleigh, N.C.

The Rivers of the Lamar Watershed

The Lamar is mercurial, you need a specialized Lamar river fishing guide to really tease the most from your time on its waters. 

Schools tend to move up and down the banks on the hunt for food and shelter, making catching each trout even more satisfying.  Due the Lamar rivers difficulty, we recommend this batch of Yellowstone's fly fishing runs only for more advanced anglers. Fly fish the Lamar River for canny cutthroats, rainbows, and cutbows.

Trips Available on Lamar River

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Soda Butte Creek fishing is all about fishing this vibrant tributary of the Lamar River for rainbows, cutthroats, and cutbows. This fishery is very close to the highway, making it perfect for day trips, beginners, and more experienced anglers. Soda Butte Creek fishes well with regular hatches from July-September. If you're looking to get away on a fly fishing vacation like a local, Soda Butte Creek is where you need to go.

Trips Available on Soda Butte Creek

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