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Lewis Watershed

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Alpine Lakes Nestled in The Wyoming Mountains

The Lewis Watershed is home to the Lewis and Shoshone lakes, two gently fished bodies of water surrounded by rolling hills and rocky outcroppings perfect for overnight fly fishing trips in Wyoming. The Lewis watershed is a wonderful example of Wyoming's wild beauty. Come enjoy fresh air tinged with pine and colored by the bugles of elk while you go fly fishing for your bucket list trout. 
I have been fishing with GYFO for several years now. I simply can’t say enough good things about this company and especially Chad Olsen and the other guides we have had. They work extremely hard by rowing all over the river to try to get you on some promising spots to toss your fly. All day long too. Not just the first couple hours but all day long. Fun to be around, knowledgeable and nice. They are the BEST!! Call me with any questions about my great experiences with Greater Yellowstone Flyfishing Outfitters, GYFO.
Ray DeLong
Telluride, CO

Rivers and Lakes in the Lewis Watershed

The Lewis river is the bridge between Lewis Lake and Shoshone Lake. Still, Lewis river fly fishing is nothing to joke about—it's world class. 
This river begins in Wyoming proper, so it's usually a little busier than the neighboring Belcher and Falls rivers but you'll still be able to enjoy a day filled with quiet and peaceful fishing. Lewis River fishing is best when you're catching rainbows, cutthroats, bull trout, and whitefish.
Lewis Lake is the smaller of the two lakes in the Lewis Watershed. We usually spend several hours on Lewis lake on our way to the Shoshone Lake just a little further down. Still, Lewis lake defies its size with bountiful stocks of trout and gorgeous, high-alpine landscapes. Lewis lake offers a large stock of Yellowstones unique species including brooks, browns, cutthroats, and lake trouts.
Shoshone Lake is the larger of the two lakes in the Lewis watershed. We usually end our days here with several hours of fishing, grilling, and laughing with one another before tucking in for the night. Fish the Shoshone Lake while surrounded by the soaring peaks and sweeping vistas of Wyoming's mountain lakes. Fish the Shoshone for browns, lake trout, and Utah chubs. 
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