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The Snake river is a favorite spot for keen eyed nymphers, wade fly fishers, wind whipped rafters and river guides, and adrenaline seeking kayakers alike. In the world of fly fishing, the most important aspect of the Snake river is its head waters. The headwaters of the snake river are world renowned for their pristine clarity and  they lead to heart lake which pierces nearly into the center of Yellowstone's eco system. 
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My family and I have used Chad Olsen as our fishing guide in Montana and Wyoming, for over 20 Years. I can say without hesitation that he has provided me and my family with marvelous fly fishing experiences.  He is extremely knowledgeable, honest, and hard working.  He has also become a friend whom I treasure.
Hart Beaver
Richland, PA

The Rivers and Lakes of the Snake River's Headwaters

The Snake river's headwater is as pristine as rivers come and they team with carefully cultivated and managed trout just itching to bite during your next fly fishing vacation. Come in the Spring, Summer, or Fall—it won't matter. Snake river fishing is all about exploring these abundant waters. They won't disappoint as you cast your line toward plentiful schools of spotted and cutthroat trout.

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Heart lake is the source of the Snake River Headwaters. So, even though it's the smallest lake among our Yellowstone watersheds, it fishes with the best of them. Come fish Heart lake and soak in the soul of Yellowstone park as your stress and responsibilities melt into the gently rocking waves. Fish for rainbows and largemouth bass on heart lake.
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