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Yellowstone Country

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Home to Wyoming's Most Famous Fisheries

Wyoming is home to many blue-ribbon fly fisheries, and the Yellowstone Country Watershed is home to some of our personal favorites. You can leave from Thermopolis, Jackson, Cody, Dubois, or the aptly named Riverton to access a vast network of rivers and creeks branching out across nearly a fourth of the state. Truly, this stretch of Wyoming houses some of the best fly fishing around.

You could explore Yellowstone country for years and never go fishing the same river twice. So, we would be honored to guide you to our favorite fly fishing spots. 
Chad and his guides have guided us on at least one fishing trip for nine years. My fishing groups have ranged from two up to eight, averaging about six. We keep coming back to Chad because he and his guides do a consistently superior job for us. Chad is well organized, very reliable, and a capable outfitter, and he gets us on the fish. I would recommend him to anyone. 
Greg Gilles
Colorado Springs, CO

The Rivers of Yellowstone Country

Trips Available on North Fork Shoshone

Cody, Wyoming Fly Fishing Vacations
Fly fish one of Wyoming's best blue-ribbon rivers surrounded by rugged landscapes that will keep you coming back for fly fishing trips year after year. The wind river is a favorite among wade fishers and dry flyers, but other kinds of angling can be had in select sections. We recommend a guided fly fishing trip in this fishery during Summer or late Spring. 
Otherwise, come prepared for brisk mornings around a campfire and a steaming cup of Joe. Come fly fish the wind river for cutthroat and brook trout. 

Trips Available on Wind River

Dubois, Wyoming
Fly Fishing Vacations
The Bighorn River is an impressive tributary of the Yellowstone River that flows in Wyoming and Montana. This impressive river flows for over 450 miles and goes through Thermopolis, WY and Dubois, WY, making it a favorite fly fishing destination for anyone wanting to explore Wyoming. 

The Bighorn carves through impressive canyons, open plains, and thick Cottonwood groves offering a range of fly fishing adventures that is hard to parallel. The best time of year to get on the water is May-June when nymphing is at its highest and water is cooler—keeping trout ready to bite. This river offers an incredible trout population with the average size of “18, making it one of the most popular rivers in the Greater Yellowstone Area. 

Start planning your unforgettable fly fishing adventure on the Bighorn River with the Greater Yellowstone FlyFishing Outfitters experienced guides with our convenient online planning form, or reach out with any questions you may have.

Trips Available on Bighorn River

Cody, Wyoming Fly Fishing VacationsThermopolis, Wyoming
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