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Yellowstone Headwaters

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Fish the Source of Yellowstone's Winding Rivers

The Yellowstone Headwaters is the largest lake in our Yellowstone fly fishing territory. This lake is 20 miles long and 14 miles wide of unobstructed fishing heaven. If you're looking to get lost on a large body of water for a week at a time or to sail up from Montana to Wyoming, the Yellowstone Headwaters is a great place to start. 
You can easily spend days at a time sailing out to deeper water and in to shore in a relaxing, meditative way during your next Yellowstone fly fishing trip.  
I had a pack trip with Chad in the backcountry of Yellowstone a while back. First pack trip for me and also relatively new to fly fishing at the time. Excellent experience all around. Chad was great with teaching casting technique and we caught tons of Yellowstone Cutthroats. He also took a ton of pictures of my buddy and I the whole trip so we didn’t have to and could just focus on fishing, riding, and viewing the scenery and wildlife. Highly recommend it!
Geoff Piehler
New Jersey

The Waters of the Yellowstone Headwater

Yellowstone lake is a massive trout fishery filled to the brim with trout, abundant hatches, and classic alpine charm. You can go trout fishing on the waters of Yellowstone lake for weeks or more at a time and never cast you line beside the same line of coast twice. Come explore the expansive Yellowstone lake with us today. 
The Yellowstone lake is flush with variety. On its waters you'll be alongside our guides fly fishing for cutthroats, Whitefish, red shiners, lake trout, and grayling to name just a few. 
As the Yellowstone river leaves Yellowstone Lake it becomes wide, lazy, and slow. Perfect for wade fishing, nyphming, float fishing, or any other kind of guided fly fishing trip. So feel free to pick your poison. We can even guide you from the Yellowstone Headwaters into anther one of our watersheds, the Yellowstone Canyons. Come fly fishing on the blue ribbon fisheries of the Yellowstone river with our fly fishing guides.  

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